How to remove hard water stains in a toilet?

One of the major problems faced by many people around the world is hard water stains and they need to know the information about, how to remove hard water stains from the toilet. First of all, you need to know that the hard water stains are alkaline mineral deposits. In order to eliminate these alkaline stains, you must want a chemical solution, which is moderately needed to be extremely acidic. If you want to use this solution in your household toilet, you can simply purchase this cleaning product from the grocery store and then use it in your home very carefully. What you need to consider while buying is something powerful minerals. However, there are wide varieties of products available, so you can select the best solution for cleaning your toilet.

Once you have the right solution and then know how to use it. If you are not preferred to use any chemicals for stain cleaning, you can simply try out the following trick. Initially, you have to soak the area with vinegar and then let it sit for half an hour. The vinegar should penetrate the residue good enough and then it could be scrapped or scrubbed off. If it does not work properly, you just want a cream cleaner, specifically if you have stains on the acrylic surfaces. You can also use the vitreous enamel cleaner for removing hard stains in toilet, tub or sink. Apart from this, you can also try bleach for removing hard water stains in a toilet, but make sure it should not be left for a long period of time.